Friday, April 6, 2018

Tūhuru Marae - Arahura
On Thursday Ruma Kea are going to visit Tūhuru marae.
Write a paragraph about what you think the day will be like. It can be from the moment you wake up or from the car ride to the marare. What was the weather like on Thursday?
Here are some sentence starters.
When I woke up I had breakfast, got dressed and then took the bus to school. Once I was at school.............
When I got to school I had to hop in a car with a parent and my school friends, it was a long ride to the marare.
Here are some words in Te reo Māori you could use:
· Manahau (Excited)
· Whakamā (Shy)
· Harikoa (Happy)
· Pahi (bus)
· Motokā (Car)
· Awa (river)
· Wharenui (Dining room

In the moning wenI got up I got my brefist and then I go drest and got  

I think at the marae ther will de a kanikani ther. I think ther will de a speech. I think that the wether is going to be suning. I think ther we will tucch nosisour sake hands.  Then we eat food. Then we went back into the marae.

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